Christoph Heuermann, born in 1990 in Herford, East Westphalia, is a traveling entrepreneur, investor and author. As a “master of flag theory” his mission is to help people from all over the world through clever strategies of legal arbitrage to achieve more freedom and wealth. He does this with blogs and products in German(, English(, Spanish(, French(, Portuguese( Russian (


After a year of civil service in New Zealand, Christoph studied political and administrative sciences in Konstanz on Lake Constance, followed by internships in the German Parliament (Frank Schäffler) and think tanks in Vienna ( and Brussels (https: // openeurope /). Disillusioned by politics and the work as an employee, he then decided to pursue a rather independent career, which he started after completing his bachelor’s degree in early 2015. Since then, Christoph has traveled to 200 countries to find the best local opportunities for entrepreneurs and investors. He writes regularly on his travel blog about his goal of having traveled to all 266 autonomous regions of the world at the age of only 35 (


In addition to his main activity as a consultant on flag theory and asset protection, Christoph is involved in various other projects as an investor or sponsor, for example one 300 hectare walnut plantation in Georgia (, a short-term rental business with currently 150 apartments, the project of Free Private Cities ( in Honduras or a museum for economic education in Lviv, Ukraine in honor of Ludwig von Mises. Christoph also invests primarily in agriculture and raw materials, for example in countries such as Argentina, Morocco and Paraguay, but is also in demand for his in-depth knowledge of the cryptocurrency market.


Christoph is a regular speaker at conferences and seminars. He has several books and video courses published and numerous podcasts, online conferences and is even represented in a documentation of German TV station ProSieben(Galileo). In addition to traveling, he is passionate about chess, poker and enjoys snorkeling. Since June 2020 he has been on his  own catamaran “Stateless”  and takes guests from his global community with him on his sailing trips for about half of the year. With the specially developed “PT App” he connects freedom-loving people from all over the world


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